Conference Feb 7 2017

Cadmon Judges Cannabis Summit During Launch Festival

Dr. Bow Tauro, Cadmon Advisory’s Lifescience Analyst was invited to judge at Launch Festival at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Launch Festival is the world’s largest startup event with 12,000 startup founders from around the world attending as guests.

Over 2 days, Launch Festival hosted a series of Startup Summits, where 10 of the best start-ups pitch to category invited judges. Summits included Health & Biotech, Drones & Robotics, AI & Machine Learning, Smart Home, Food & Water, VR & AR, Fintech, and Cannabis.

It was the Cannabis Summit that saw Dr. Tauro in the judging hot seat, invited not only for his background in biochemistry and molecular biology, but Cadmon Advisory’s keen interest in the sector that has begun to fire-up since Australia loosened regulations around medicinal cannabis.

‘The cannabis industry is far more advanced in the US – this provides a somewhat crystal ball of what’s to come in Australia, and with that, some very interesting startup companies to judge at this summit’, said Dr. Tauro.

Highlight companies presenting within the Cannabis Summit included Confident Cannabis, cannabis genetic testing to create product/strain transparency for buyers and sellers, Right Sciences – engineered adhesive cannabis patches, and Leaf – an amazing all in one cannabis growing system! It’s a bit like a bar fridge, but instead of needing to fill it with beer, it fills itself with a fully-grown cannabis crop every 12 weeks!

Cadmon Advisory are actively seeking companies in the cannabis space for investment, capital raising and ASX listing. If that is you, or you know someone in the space, lets talk.

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